General Synod 34 Hearings


Hearings will be held on Saturday, July 1 at 4:15 PM in the Indiana Convention Center. Hearings provide opportunities for delegates and visitors to ask questions and to engage in dialogue about business matters that will come before the General Synod. The hearings are open to all registered delegates and visitors. The topics of the hearings are:

Amendments to the Bylaws – Room 128

The Chair of the Governance Committee of the United Church of Christ Board of Directors, Rev. Dr. Marsha Williams, Hearing Officer, Yvette Wynn, Chair of the General Synod Form, Frequency, and Function Task Force, and General Counsel of the UCC, Ms. Heather Kimmel, Principal Staff

The 2013 Resolution on the implementation process Urging Divestment, along with Other Strategies, from Fossil Fuel Companies to address Climate Change – Room 127

In this final General Synod hearing mandated by the resolution, a panel representing United Church Funds, the Pension Boards, and the diverse settings of the United Church of Church will present reports on implementation progress on this resolution. Moderated by the Rev. Dr. Brooks Berndt, UCC Minister for Environmental Justice.

The Nominating Committee Process – Room 103

The Chair of the General Synod Nominating Committee of the United Church of Christ Board of Directors, Rev. June Boutwell, Hearing Officer and the Executive Assistant to the GMP, Donyale Copeland, Principal Staff

The Finance and Budget Committee Process – Room 126

The Chair of the Finance and Budget Committee of the United Church of Christ Board, Rev. Derrick Elliott, Hearing Officer and the Chief Financial Officer, Tami Marinella, Principal Staff

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