Scooter Rental

Scooter Rental for General Synod 34.

The United Church of Christ is partnering with Indy Scooter Rentals to provide our attendees with a convenient low-cost scooter rental at General Synod. Indy Scooter Rentals will deliver your scooter directly to your hotel the day you are arriving and will pick up the scooter the day you are departing.  Just let the front desk at the hotel know you are picking up a scooter rental and they will retrieve the scooter for you.

Rental Cost 

The cost for the scooter rental is $180.00 for the first 3 days and $10.00 for each additional day. Reserve your scooter directly with Indy Scooter Rental by using the link below.

Contact information for Indy Scooter Rentals is 317-855-3158.  If you have any other questions, please reach out to General Synod Staff contact – Christine Lucarelli at 216-736-2190 or

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