Implementation Conversations

July 4, 2023, from 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM or after the close of the Tuesday afternoon plenary

The Implementation Conversation is a presentation, discussion, and forum for all those interested in the topic addressed by a resolution to network and discuss ways that Local Church members, Local Churches, Associations, and Conferences, could best address that topic in their local settings. Implementation Conversations shall not be focused on how the General Synod and/or the National Setting will address the topic of a Resolution. Implementation Conversations will not be limited to discussing the actionable items outlined in a Resolution.

Implementation Conversations are required for all Resolutions of Witness that are both adopted by the General Synod and that call upon Local Churches, Conferences, Associations and/or individual members of the United Church of Christ to take particular action. Implementation Conversations shall not be required for Prudential Resolutions or for Resolutions of Witness that call upon only the National Setting and/or the United Church of Christ Board for action.

Implementation Conversations are led by the submitters of the Resolutions that meet the above requirements.

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